Essential BodyBuilding Tips, Workouts and Information

Body Building

Being in top physical shape is important in living a healthy life. Besides eating lots of vegetables, fruits and various nutritious foods, keeping our body in good condition is essential. Exercise is necessary for one to be physically fit.  Exercise reduces the risk of cardiovascular diseases and has many positive health benefits.

One rigid but effective form of exercise is body building. What is body building? It means gaining muscles by lifting heavy weights and working out. The process also involves maintaining a strict diet to gain additional muscle mass. People engage in body building for three reasons – as a hobby, wellness of body and mind as well as competition.


Engaging in heavy exercise offers many health benefits. It minimizes the risk of heart attack, diabetes, low blood pressure and stroke. Bodybuilding reduces uneasiness and stress. Thus, it’s easier for you to have inner peace. Your workout is a blessing for your heart and mind as well.

If you do bodybuilding exercises daily, it would be less tiresome for you to do everyday activities such as carrying things, walking long distances and other chores. Your workout regimen can boost metabolism, decrease fat and increase your ability to handle stress.

Bodybuilding improves your posture when it comes to stability and balance. Increased strength means extending your endurance plus your ability to carry heavy loads in your daily tasks. Moreover, repeated activities that build up body mass and muscles helps improve your body’s flexibility. This decreases the risk of back and muscle pains.

Basic Principles

Type of Lift - you must suit your workout program to deal with specific spots in your body. If you’re after sturdier muscles and arms, your exercise sessions should concentrate in these areas.

Intensity – it means the extent or amount of energy and effort you dedicate towards bodybuilding. Reducing time for other activities could help intensify your sessions.

Volume and Variety – volume is the frequency of your workout along with how long each type of exercise lasts.  Variety means adopting different ways of bulking up your muscles as a way of testing their limits.

Step by step Overload – this involves increasing your weights bit by bit to make your muscles get bigger and tougher.

Rest and Recovery – you should rest once in a while so your body can relax then recharge. Rest is important in maintain a consistent body building program. Your muscles also need time to take a break so they can keep up with your regimen.

Important Aspects in Body Building

Achieving the ideal body you dreamed of requires using your physical strength to the fullest. You must possess the right mental attitude and passion as well as following a strict diet or nutrition program. Any body building program should follow three important attributes.

Training – When you start training, you should learn how to carry out your program perfectly. Let your body adjust slowly but surely. Try smaller weights first then move to heavier ones in a gradual manner. Avoid rushing or over working yourself as this could cause injury.

Follow these training tips for an efficient workout program:

  • Conduct warm up exercises to help you adjust well to your sessions.
  • Plan a workout program that maximizes your time for your body development while not sacrificing your other important endeavors.
  • Modify your training style and sessions once in a while to prevent you from getting bored.
  • Possess an optimistic mentality. Finishing a body building regimen is a long and tedious process. You should avoid giving up in the middle of your program. Otherwise, your efforts might be fruitless.

Diet – it is important in sustaining your body building blueprint. You should employ a diet plan that gives you complete vitamins and minerals. Refrain from missing a meal. You get energy out of the food you consume, so you should eat well at least three times a day. At the same time, you must remember that you have to minimize or avoid junk food and high calorie viands. Drink plenty of water too. Water keeps you extra healthy and helps eliminate toxins.

Relaxation – muscle tissues recuperates after an extensive exercise. Your body needs a rest in order to have the stamina for upcoming workouts. A growth hormone, HGH is vital in acquiring more muscle mass. It is usually created when the person is sleeping or taking a break.

The crucial aspects of bodybuilding programs are centered on consistent exercise, properly balanced diet, sufficient rest, plus the right nutritional supplements. You should give equal emphasis on all areas.

Important Training Tips

Now that you have an idea about the benefits, principles and vital aspects in bodybuilding, it’s time to set your sights on training. The tips assist you in coming up with a method of achieving that ideal body you wished for. There are plenty of tips out there.

Here’s a few of them:

  • Come up with objectives you can implement. Plan a program you can grasp then try your best to comply. A successful endeavor depends largely on how realistic your plan is.
  • Train hard and be consistent. Extensive workout along with constantly following your schedule is the key in sustaining your bodybuilding blueprint.
  • Sustain a beneficial calorie intake. Nourish your body, especially your muscles during training and afterwards, when you are relaxing. You need all the energy you can have. Consume your supplements as well. They provide a much needed boost.
  • Drink lots of water between your meals. When you are working out, consume around 2-4 liters per day. Besides eliminating toxins, water accelerates your body’s metabolism. If you want to burn more fats, drink lots of water.
  • Get enough sleep. Growing muscles happen when you’re sleeping or taking a long break. Over fatigue is counterproductive. Giving your body enough hours to recover and revitalize enables you to later increase the intensity and duration of your workout.
  • Keep a training log. A training log is similar to your diary. It lists your achievements and shortcomings. Through your training log, you determine the areas where you must improve. Overall, the log lets you come up with the most suitable bodybuilding plan.
  • Consider taking some natural testosterone booster like Testofuel, Bullnox, TEST FREAK or Z-Core PM.

Bodybuilding might be strenuous yet it’s an effective way to achieve a physically fit body, a more logical and relaxed mind plus a warm happy heart.

Bodybuilding for Women

Women of today made an impression that they can be equal to men; in terms of health, women and men are alike, they have the same views about health and being physically attractive. As changes took place so as women became more open on what is truly being fit; looking back, women are only competing on pageant and bikini contest, today, women are also engaging on bodybuilding. It all started 1970 where women also enjoy competitions like bodybuilding; from that, the beauty of bodybuilding created an image that women can be equal to men.

bodybuilding for women

Fitness for women is quite different from men, and the routines are not that extensively exaggerated compared to men workout routine; today, women who are so much into bodybuilding takes everything beyond limits. Without getting intimidated with those weird looking machines, women now takes a plunge getting those biceps and triceps muscles; bodybuilding created an image that is accepted by women. Self-driven women who also have an image to get busy to would most likely spend more time in the gym that on salons, they prefer lifting some weights than wearing corset to achieve their dream bods.

Importance of Knowing the Right Routines

Men’s body built is different as for women, it is important for a woman to know the right routines in order to have the body intended for a woman bodybuilder. The routines for female starter may differ from a male beginner.  Men are abundant of testosterone so they could develop strong muscles easier than women, while females have estrogen which would lead them to weight gain if their routines are skipped or not maintained.

Getting Yourself Ready

When you decided to get engaged with bodybuilding, you would need a lot of time to spend on the gym. It would cost you a lot of effort multiplied by folds than the ones you usually do when you are just planning to losing some weight. Since you would need a lot of strength and your muscles should also be ready to lift, having a healthy diet full of protein and muscle friendly meals should be top of your list; it is the right time to bid goodbye to your one meal a day addiction.

Embracing the Sweat and Weights

When you find yourself wanting to lift weights than going out for shopping, then you might have welcomed yourself to the bodybuilding club. The difference with the slimming down routines and the bodybuilding ones is that, simple routines are times fold when you choose to be a bodybuilder. You would be required going to those simple routines but the duration and the weight would be multiplied often to quadruple. Running on the treadmill would soon be a warm up rather than a routine itself, lifting weights would increase every after two or three days of rest, weight would gradually get heavier until you find yourself lifting the same weights as men does.

Benefits of Listening to Music While Doing Routines

Music and Bodybuilding

You are hitting the gym for weights, despite getting all sweaty you are still ready for another round because the music got you all pumped up. Though music may be not as conversant as a gym buddy, most bodybuilders considers this as a perfect partner. When asked for what the perfect song would be perfect for those heavy lifting and sweaty routines, the answer would actually depend on the listener.

Music is not just something that passes through our ears; it could actually turn things lively or shut the mood down low. When you are out on the gym wanting to finish a routine, having low energy is a big NO. You should be on your toughest state, having a music suited for your workout would be perfect in boosting your game-on mood.

A good tip when you are about to start an intense routine is to listen to music before and during workouts, with this, you can intensify your energy and have a productive session. Music is considered to be a powerful tool that a gym goer should take advantage of, whether you’re going for bodybuilding or easy routines, it would surely place you in a mood that would make you forget how heavy the weights are. Just imagine sweating out, working hard on those routines without the music on; it would feel like running on treadmill with heels on.

bodybuilding music

Going Slow and Easy

There are a routine which doesn’t really need a lot of strength, you could settle for slow music or pop-ish ones with these routines. You could go easy finishing those weights as slow as you want, just chilling out until you’re done. Slow music however won’t be a good mood booster when you have a long list of routines to finish. These types of genre are just a for workout session that doesn’t require you to hurry up, pick up, jump, and smash.

Rocking It Up

Headbanging mood is suited if you’re the type where those loud shouts and drum banging turns you in the mood for weight lifting. Rock music may vary from alternative rock to metal, depending on your preference; rock music would be a better gym body than slow tunes. This type of music could hype up the mood not letting you focus much on how heavy is that weight you’re lifting. This is mostly recommended if you are doing a routine that requires a lot of strength and a number of routines to be done in a given time; with this type of music, your energy level are up to its boosted level. It’s like giving you an energy of a gladiator ready for the ultimate battle.

Killing It with the Beat

The beat drops would be best when you’re dancing or doing simple routines. Though this could pump up the mood for workout, it would sometimes make you feel more chill and relaxed. You would most of the time see yourself enjoying the beat rather than wanting to lift those weights up.

Your Ultimate Diet Plan for Bodybuilding

Staying healthy is goals that cannot be achieved overnight; it needs discipline and perseverance plus proper planning that could get you the body you’ve been dreaming of.  Bodybuilding is different from a normal gym routine; it is where you are specifically giving attention to building muscles besides toning and getting them firm and perfect. It is also known as a practice of strengthening muscles and getting them shaped through proper exercise.

Bodybuilding Diet

Bedsides losing fat and staying healthy in bodybuilding, you also need to have a specific meal plan that would help you reach your goal in getting those muscles you’ve ever wanted. So, If you thought that you already have the ultimate diet plan perfect for bodybuilding, well, maybe we’re on the same boat; because it is not enough that we eat vegetables and consume all the fruits on the fridge together with your meat diet that you are not even sure if it is right for you. Yes, probably you will be getting muscles with regular workout routine but without proper diet there are possibilities that you will be going back to your old self and not having the physique that you want after all the efforts that you’ve done.

So before we get our body ready for bodybuilding, here are some diet plans you may consider included in your goal.

What to Eat

Don’t be overwhelmed of what is inside your fridge; some of those foods may not be the food that would help you with your goal. You have to remember that you are in a goal that is self-driven so you have to do it on your own because you want to and because you want to achieve something. Consider eating starchy foods and few of your favorite fatty foods prior and after workout; these will promote muscle growth and will give you energy throughout the routine. So, here are some important meal options of foods you will want to get your fridge overload.

Meal Option: Starchy Carbohydrates

This meal includes a list of starches, proteins, fruits and vegetables that is recommended if you want to try this meal option. The starches that you may want to consider are bread, wraps, yams, potatoes, whole-wheat pastas and oats; coupled with protein that is suitable in this meal plan are egg whites, white meat, Greek yogurt, white fish and protein powders. Fruits and vegetables such as fibrous vegetables that are green, beans and tropical fruits are perfect for this combo.

Meal Option: Non Starchy Carbohydrates

Because this is a non-starchy carbohydrate meal, starches are not included; but don’t be sad, we still have proteins, fruits, vegetables and tablespoons of oils or fats that may somehow complete your meal. Proteins included in this diet plan are white meat, red meat, white fish, protein powders, oily fish and egg whites; berries and beans and some green fibrous rich vegetables goes along with it. As with oils or fats, tablespoons of avocados, canola mayonnaise, coconut oil and full-fat cheese are acceptable.

Is Your Age Ready for Bodybuilding?

Regardless of one’s age, fitness and exercise is very important to live a healthy life. Most would spend hours sweating themselves through dancing while others would rather cut a big portion of their food intakes to maintain their figure. However, there are those who want to do the extreme, who takes fitness seriously and doing it with such passion and determination on reaching their dream bods; thus, they venture into bodybuilding.

age and bodybuilding

Bodybuilding is not just for slimming down or burning fats, it is also to increase one’s strength, promote healthy lifestyle, to be physically fit, and acquire the body they wanted. This heavy-resistance exercise workout and program places a lot of weight on the body which may react differently depending on your age. Though we know that 20 years or 50 years old would be a good age to start or to maintain bodybuilding, it would bear better results and would also be safer when you follow the proper form of workout guidelines for your age group.

Children and Teenagers

Some teenagers and even pre-teens are already lifting weights with the goal of increasing their muscles and enhance their athletic performance. Pre-adults training guidelines should be modified since adult bodybuilding routines are too strain for pre-teens since their musculoskeletal growth haven’t developed that much yet. It is also advised that children and teenagers who wants to engage on such routines should be medically checked first, they should also begin with lighter weights to develop their proper form, and regular cardio exercise until they reach their full muscular growth to endure heavier weights.

Full Grown Muscles/Perfect Age to Lift Heavier – 20 to 29

It is with the age of 20 up to 30 that a person’s muscular growth to withstand heavier weights is reached. At 20, you can safely start gradually increasing your weights, at this point; you can lift most weight with the shortest recovery time needed. You should take advantage of your youth since this is where you could fully develop your body into something you wanted, you could already make your body and strength immune of the physical pain and heaviness so you could already be accustomed to those routines despite aging.

When you reach the age of 30, you would need 4 days of rest to recover from each routine. The recovery periods may vary depending on how heavy the routines the person usually does; beginners may only need about two days to recover while those who lift extremely heavy weights might need as many recovery period as possible, it would usually take seven days.

The Age to Maintain the Healthy Living and Active Routines – 30 to 49

When you are at your 30s, your muscle’s ability to recover would decrease by ten percent compared on your 20s, this is due to aging; It is advised that you reduce 5 percent of weight every ten years. The muscle recovery period may get longer from about  four days at age 30 up to a minimum of seven days as you reach the age of 50. At this period, you should avoid doing the same routine when you were on your 20s, it would give you lesser results and might cause serious injuries. At this point, you should look at yourself and focus on the areas that you think you need to work on.

Reaping What You Sow – Over 50

This is the perfect age to take advantage of all your hardwork! Accompanying your aging is your muscle and bones mass decreases, but bodybuilding counteracts these effects. After the age of 50, it would be necessary for you to lessen the weights but increase further the rest period, others even enter bodybuilding competitions at the age of 60 to 80 – they could maintain their strength and would actually look younger than their age.

Testosterone Boosters – Is it a Good Bodybuilding Partner?

As we get older our body tends to decrease the production of certain hormones needed by our body, just like for example testosterone; testosterone is an important hormone that is responsible in muscle strengthening and increasing muscle mass, it is also associated with increasing sex drive. Testosterone, a 19-carbon steroid hormone that is produced in the testes by Leydig cells in men and ovaries in women.


Losing few of these hormone may cause a lot of changes in your body, and aging physically can give you signs that you are about to experience the effect of decreased level of testosterone. There are consequence when we are slowly losing hormones such as testosterone and there are many things that we can no longer do properly compare to when we are still young; we all know that we can’t control aging, the only thing we could do is to reduce its speed and to seek proper ways on how to replenish the lost hormone, thus we need testosterone booster.

What Are Testosterone Boosters

Testosterone boosters are supplements derived from herbs that aim to increase the depleted level of testosterone. It directly acts by increasing the level or inhibits the hormone that converts the testosterone into estrogen; furthermore, the effect of testosterone boosters are meant to build bigger and stronger muscles that we tend to lose as we age that is why athletes, bodybuilders, and gym enthusiast uses testosterone boosters. Though it has been said that it may not be safe to some, testosterone booster still has the following advantage.

Achieve Muscles

Testosterone booster together with proper workout routine may lead muscle production at its best rate. The effects of testosterone boosters are remarkable when it come to speeding the muscle strengthening and production; thus, the increase rate on rebuilding muscles after a strenuous workout is one of the factors why athletes and bodybuilders use testosterone boosters.

Boost Motivation

It is not only muscle production that testosterone boosters would give, it is also said to increase the motivation of the users to perform the workout routine aggressively. Physically giving you its effects in speeding muscle production; testosterone booster users are more eager to perform daily workout to achieve more of what they gain from using it.

Reduction on Muscle Breakdown

As bodybuilders get too focused on their routine, muscle breakdown often happens; over stretching and use of the muscles may lead to glycogen breakdown that is why testosterone boosters are used to lessen the effects of too much exercise.

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